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While we were in Toronto, I got a chance to visit a place that I had never been before. Growing up in Toronto means that you get to visit just about everything, at least once for a school trip. Unfortunately for me, when I was in school they were just building the Toronto Zoo and once you’re “all grown up” you never take the time to see such things unless of course you have kids, which I do/did, but we were no longer living in Toronto at the time. We were living in Calgary and actually we did visit the Calgary Zoo quite often. So, my sister informed me that she could get some cheap tickets through my brother in laws work for the Toronto Zoo, so I had her get some for us. We went there on that first week when we were staying at my Mothers. It was a thursday and dammit was it ever hot and the scary thought then was that it was going to be one of the coolest days to come which is why we thought we had better go while we could. As it turned out it must have been well over 39 degrees celcius that day (around 100 F).

Apparently there used to be a monorail that circled the zoo, but it was no longer in operation, or they had just replaced it with those long tourist trains that drive on the roads. So we jumped on that and it has various stops throughout the park but we jumped off at the first stop and toured around that area. The Toronto Zoo is separated into several different areas presenting animals from those “world zones”. The first stop took us to the wilds of African animals. Most of the animals were hidden away in shady areas of their enclosures, but some of the bigger animals were easy to see like the giraffes and elephants. Surprisingly I caught the king of the jungle lounging on the side of hill apparently enjoying the day. Oh he wasn’t moving, I’m sure because of the heat, but he looked very majestic just lying there.

My 17 year old son wasn’t too impressed about being at the zoo at all. He says he felt like a little kid. We tried to get him to just enjoy the animals and the walk and the day but he had a hard time getting beyond all of the screaming kids and their parents trying to console them. I thought he was going to freak right out when we decided to get some lunch in a restaurant they had within the zoo that fortunately was airconditioned, which was our main reason for even going in there, but of course there was a huge line up with kids and parents all yakking and fighting for seats and napkins. It was a little crazy, and it did take a little while to get our food, but it was heaven being in out of the heat. We tried to goto as many inside enclosures as we could find. Some of them were cool, others were of course tropical. The picture of the baboon was the last one that I was able to take. The camera we have, as good as the pictures are that it takes, it kinda sucks when it comes to battery life. Maybe its time to get some extra batteries to go in it.

All in all we had a good time at the zoo. We bought some souvenirs and left in the late afternoon hoping to avoid the horrible highway traffic they have in Toronto. We made it all the way west to where we used to live and exited off the highway to drive by our old stompin grounds. We passed by the apartment building my wife and I lived in for a few years before we took off to Calgary. It still looks the same. We drove by the house I grew up in. It still looked the same although the trees all seemed bigger which should be case, it has been over 20 years since I lived there. The street, surprisingly now had speed bumps on it. That was a little weird. We passed by the library where my mother worked and where we spent a fair amount of time. We drove through built-up areas where there was nothing but farmland when I lived there. We drove through WoodBridge and saw how built-up it now was, and continued our way past the McMichael Art Gallery, where I had visited as a kid during a school trip. Its where paintings from the “Group Of Seven” are located. We then hit the back highway on our way back to my Mothers where we all flaked out in the nice airconditioning after downing a few pizzas. I know it doesn’t sound like it, but it was a very busy day, and being out in that heat just made it worse.


2 Responses to “More Toronto”

  1. HG Says:

    I love going to the zoo!! I’m so dayum cornball, but I have a blast at them. I keep hoping all of us will soon be out of this nasty heat. Ugh!!!!!!

  2. Roxanne Says:

    Awesome zoo pics! I haven’t been to the Calgary Zoo in about 9 years. It seemed more run down that I remembered it. The Toronto zoo looks lovely! I can’t even imagine that kind of heat…

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