A quick one

Sorry I haven’t had a chance to post more stuff from my trip. I started writing an entry at home and I got totally distracted. My son was watching TV and he kept bugging me to see this and see that so I gave up, I couldn’t concentrate. That leads me to this entry today. My sister sent this pic to me and it just made me laugh, so I had to post it:

I think the picture is self-explanatory. The guy, who by most accounts given to me, must be a redneck, but wanted or wants air conditioning in his Lincoln. But its a LINCOLN! Shouldn’t it already have air conditioning in it? One would then suppose that it is broken, and this is how he remedied the obvious huge repair costs involved. Notice also his “repaired” taillight (a red box beside where his taillight should be).

Now imagine if you will, the work involved in doing what this dufus has done. So, he had lowered or removed that back-right side window, built some kind of frame for the air conditioner to sit in, as these things aren’t light, made it somewhat air-tight (as witnessed by the expanding foam insulation used around the air conditioner itself) and since no inverter created for use in a car will likely ever be powerful enough to run such an air conditioner, he has mounted onto the trunk, a gas powered generator. So to do that he has used some huge-ass brackets, I assume, bolted to the trunk itself, for which he has had to drill holes through the trunk for, then since the air conditioner itself must be plugged in to it, and since the cord for the airconditioner is on the inside of the car, has created the necessary holes, through the back-seat (potentially), the back-seat plate (it seperates the back-seat from the trunk) and of course through the trunk itself. One would then assume since he has the (redneck) sense to attempt to make the airconditioner airtight (again by using the expanding foam insulation) he has also tried to do such a thing for the hole in the trunk through-which the power code goes. DAMN! I know it looks horrible, and its a f**king dumb-ass thing to do to a vehicle, but you have to appreciate the work involved don’t ya?

I’ll bet that setup keeps him nice and frosty though!

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One Response to “A quick one”

  1. HG Says:

    Sheesh!! This one made me laugh. I cannot imagine anyone taking the time and effort to do this…much less have the cajones to drive around looking like such a dufus!!

    Thanks for showing it… I needed the chuckle! : )

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