Well, I made it back alive

Wow, I’ve been away for two weeks…did anyone even notice? The house noticed. It needs alot of attention, cleaning, drying out, etc. The house seemed very damp. We usually have a dehumidifier going non-stop in the basement, but I guess some lunk-head decided to unplug it. My wife got it going last night and I’ve emptied it already once. We need another one.

With being away for two weeks, there has been no one here to relay our weekly gifts to the “ant-gods”, and as such, they have decided to punish us with their insesant visitations. The grass may be uncutable because it is too long. When it stops raining, I’ll make the attempt. The house just generally feels dirty, I don’t know why. It needs a good vacuuming and cleaning, especially the bathroom. The critters are all back home and doing just fine. Rollie came back, no fish died and the birds seem about the same as we left them. The cats are still ok too, the kitten took over Rollie’s new bed and there are hints that she was as devilish as ever. Ok enough bitchin’!

The trip to Toronto was good. I couldn’t believe how frickin hot it was there! I woke up and looked outside at my Brother-in-Laws thermometer that he had setup under the shelter of his back patio at around 9 in the morning and it said the temperature, in the shade (at 9 in the fricken morning!) was 42 degrees celsius (thats over a 100 F)! I put on my swimming trunks and jumped into their pool and thats where I stayed for several hours. I baked my head good! Then I wore my bandanna for the rest of my time there. I spent alot of time in a pool while I was away.

Thats all of the time I have right now to devote to an entry here, but I will attempt something better later. I took lots and lots of pictures, so I will start posting some of those, once I get them off the camera. I started a trip log that began on the first break I took from driving there, but unfortunately did not continue in the detail started. The laptop disappeared for most of the trip, I saw it occassionally to show some of the pictures I brought to show everyone, then it was gone again. I got to a computer on the net for the first time last week and all I had time to do was to check my email. Can you beleive it, I was actually too busy??!! DOOOH!

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One Response to “Well, I made it back alive”

  1. HG Says:

    *raises my hand* I noticed you were gone. Heck… I told Phil I was missing the Doooh!!!!!

    It’s nice to have you and your sunburnt head back here with us. : )

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