Pie in the…FACE!

Doooh’s Picture of the Day:
As I mentioned in my previous entry, we were heading out to Montanna’s for my birthday dinner. I was a little surprised to see how busy it was on a Sunday afternoon, luckily my wife had made reservations. We got to walk right in and be seated. The place is very rustic and wooden but its all new. The restaurant was just built within the past few years. We sat in a booth overlooking the huge bar that they had, which was surrounded at the ceiling with TV’s showing the golf tournament that was on and one of the soccer matches. We all started out with drinks. My wife and I had the biggest damn margaritas we have ever seen, but disappointingly it didn’t have the expected amount of alcohol in it relative to its size, but it still tasted good. Apparently it was the first night for the new bartender. We had to send them back initially because she had put sugar on the rim instead of the expected salt. They were lime margaritas and as such, didn’t taste right with the sugar.

As I expected I would, I ordered the rack of ribs with the beer flavoured barbeque sauce. They were nice and tender and tasted wonderful. You had your choice of side dishes, I chose this mashed potatoe thingy, that looked alot better in the menu than it actually tasted, but it wasn’t too bad, and of course I had some steamed veggies. It was very good.

We all left some ribs and stuff to bring home so that we all could have room for desert. My sons girlfiend had been before and said that their deep fried cheesecake was to die for. My wife and her had some of that, I had a peach and blueberry cobbler like thing that got served in a mini skillette. Of course since it was my birthday the waitress, along with about 5 others brought it with a sparkler in it, and they all anounced to the entire restaurant, that it was my birthday. As you can see by the picture, they bring this football helmet with antlers on it for you to wear while they sing and everyone takes your picture. Then out of nowhere came this cream-pie and I got it right in the face. I didn’t see it coming at all. My wife and the kids had been laughing at the “special pie” I was to receive, I just figured it was their signature thing to do for birthday parties, some actual pie instead of cake. No. It was just a pie in the face. I think my son had wished it was he who had slammed the pie in my face, but he enjoyed it none the less.

All in all, it was a fun evening and the food was good. Thanks to my wife for setting it all up.


A man returning home a day early from a business trip, got into a taxi at the airport after midnight. While en route to his home, he asked the cabby if he would be a witness. The man suspected his wife was having an affair, and expected to catch her in the act. For $100, the cabby agreed to be a witness.

Quietly arriving at the house, the husband and cabby tiptoed into the bedroom. The husband flipped on the lights, pulled the blanket back and there was his wife in bed with another man.

The husband put his gun to the man’s head, and the wife shouted “Don’t do it! This man has been very generous. Who do you think paid for the Corvette I said I bought for you? He did! Who do you think paid for our new cabin cruiser? He did! Who do you think pays our monthly country club dues you believe I budget for?. . . He does!”

The husband, looked over at the cab driver and asked, “What would you do?”

The cabby said, “I’d cover him with that blanket before he catches a cold.”


3 Responses to “Pie in the…FACE!”

  1. HG Says:

    *L* I love it… but damn…that pic wouldn’t open for me!!! Drats!!!

    Again…Happy Birthday, Doooh!!

  2. Phil McCracken Says:

    Holy crap that’s funny. You actually came out pretty well on that one, the smearing of the pie could have been much, much worse.

    Happy Birthday…I’m glad you enjoyed your day!

  3. Krista Bowman & Glenn Torraville Says:

    Yo Dude
    Cool Picture. We all liked it. We saved it to our picture’s. Loves ya. Happy birthday from the Torraville’s and your Daughter Krista
    Love Krista & Glenn

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