Happy Birthday Di

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Today (thursday June 22) is my sisters birthday. This entry is for her.

Ever since she came along, she has been a pain in my ass, and my head and my arms and my legs, etc. I remember the day she was born, believe it or not. I remember it because my mother wasn’t around and it was almost time for my birthday. I remember that my Mother had planned a big party for me, inviting all of the neighbourhood kids, but she wasn’t there. In her place she had gotten my Grandmother to come and “officiate” the party. I remember the awkwardness of it all. Most of the kids were just new to us all, as we had all just moved into the neighbourhood and there were a few of them that were very shy around people they weren’t familiar with. Like my Grandmother! I don’t remember knowing that the reason why my Mother wasn’t there was because she was having my sister. Maybe I’ve just blocked that out.

I guess I was okay with her once I realized she wasn’t going to be leaving, so I did my best, under the circumstances. She wasn’t even able to sit up yet, and I used to run home from school and jump into the playpen and play with her. It usually ended up that what constituted “playing” was her pulling my hair, or knawing on my fingers, or toes and even arms and legs. I guess she must have been gettin’ a few new teeth.

I remember my parents must have been going through some tough times financially, and my Mother used to buy powdered milk. I remember the first day she brought some home and mixed it up and sneakily put it into the normal milk jug that we were all used to. As is usual still to this day, I was the first one up and dressed and at the table having breakfast, a bowl of cereal. Of course as soon as this milk was poured out of the jug, I knew it wasn’t what we normally had, but it never bothered me. I waited in anticipation of both of my sisters coming and having a taste of this milk. Their first spoonful of cereal with the milk garnered the most horrid looks on their faces, and my younger sister, on several occurrences just started wailing and crying because she knew it wasn’t the normal milk. Of course I laughed my fool head off. I enjoyed the entertainment.

Another favorite activity of mine back then, believe it or not, was going to the dentist. Why you ask? Well, I always drank lots of milk, so my teeth were always strong and healthy and typically I would go into the dentists office, sit down, he would look in my mouth then just give me a flouride treatment. That was it! Both of my sisters, I don’t think, drank, or even liked milk as much as I did back then, so whenever they went tot he dentist they would come out in tears, with gauze and crap falling out of their mouths from having cavities drilled, or needles stuck into their gums, etc. Again, being the only boy, I loved it. Again, as sadistic as it sounds, I laughed my fool head of yet again, at the expense of both of my sisters. As teenagers we both pretty well ignored each other. I had my bedroom moved down into the basement away from everyone else. It was nice and private. About the only time we even acknowledged each other was when I started noticing her hot girlfriends, but then there were other issues. She was at that age where teenagers know everything about everything and she was attempting to exert her independence, and starting giving my Mother alot of grief about stuipid stuff. I remember I was about 18 or 19 and she had just had a huge argument with my Mother. She ended up making my Mother cry. I remember being so furious with her for doing that to our Mother, that I actually wanted to punch her. I confronted her and we had a huge fight and I actually raised my arm to punch her and my Mother came into the room crying even harder and told me not to do what I was about to do. I didn’t.

It was shortly thereafter that I met up with my wife, and shortly after that, that we moved out west to Calgary. When my son was born, my Mother and my sister and one my sisters friends came out to visit and see the boy. It was a good time. The house we were living in at that time was my favorite house out of all of the ones we have lived in so far. It was nice.

After moving all the way across the country to where we live now, I was asked to attend the wedding of my sister. Not only was I asked to attend, but she asked me to MC it. I was honoured that they had asked me. The days leading up to the wedding were spent by me getting all the dirt I could squeeze out of her friends, on my sister. I got told stories that I just couldn’t believe, so after taking careful notes and while sitting through the ceremony at the church, I wrote her a poem, which I subsequently read out during my MC’ing duties It was all spur of the moment. It wasn’t that good, but I just remember at the time it was from the heart, about her and her husbands (Brad!) wedding, and thats all that mattered.

So here it is, yet another year has gone by and her second child (whom I haven’t even met yet…Doooh!) not only is getting older, but so is my sister. Sister, its almost that time…next year is that big birthday that everyone seems to dread, so enjoy this one while you can. Happy Birthday (the card is on its way and I’ll see you in a few weeks).


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Di”

  1. Phil McCracken Says:

    Happy Birthday Sister of the Doooh!

  2. HG Says:

    What a wonderful entry for your sister!!!

    I hope you have a really fun time when you get to see her.

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