Traffic snarl

Doooh’s Picture of the Day:
This morning on my way into work there was a huge traffic snarl. Apparently someone either decided to, or actually did, jump off one of the bridges in Halifax this morning. In any case they closed the bridge completely, which is the one bridge that handles ALL of the truck traffic going across the harbour. This of course occurred during rush hour so that made it bad, of course I’m just bitchin’ about the traffic. There’s also the person who attempted to jump. Oh well.

There appears to be some “traffic” problems at work too. We suppossedly have been alotted some time to get the infrastucture of the application all cleaned up and working better than it is, so that when we actually get customers (check that!), we can handle and accomodate any changes and new ideas. Doooh, we have those new customers now and they’re coming on board in the next few months. All of a sudden, we have so much “customer” work to do that we don’t have the time to get the work that we need done, worked on. Some of the work we embarked on was to create some tools so that when it comes time for ME to work on setting up these new customers, that work is easier and wouldn’t take me three months to do. The problem is, after spending the last two weeks working on this new tool, the guy who has been doing most, no ALL of the work on it, is getting pulled off onto something else and well me, I am constantly getting pulled off onto something else. I think he’s getting frustrated with me about it. He says no, but he doesn’t even want to work on it anymore. Out of those two weeks, I might have gotten 3 or 4 fairly good days worth of work into it. I did some bits and pieces here and there for the project, then went off onto something we weren’t even ready for, just to do something. With me being interrupted all of the time, its difficult to “get into” writing something new.

Its not like I’m slacking off or anything. I am getting pulled off to do customer support, helping the “Tech Support” person, as well as doing “Sales Support”, then fixing stuff for our “latest” customer and accomodating last minute requests for “final” data ingests. Its not hard work, but the fact that its constantly interrupting my attempts at serious Java development, its starting to cause me some grief.

Development of our Java app is going at breakneck speeds these days. Adding in this little “side-tool” to help us do this, or that, and upgrading the JDK we support, etc. I’m bordeline capable in the first place when it comes to Java development, now things are being thrown into the mix that I just have no clue about, and with me totally doing everything “database” and the other shit that I do, it leaves absolutely no time to get up to speed on all of this new stuff. If there’s something I don’t understand, I’ll ask. I’m not a knob that way, but with us being so frickin busy, you almost hate to bother someone else with your “petty” problems. We’re not in one of those high pressure situations where we have people waiting on what we’re doing. Its just that everyone is feeling how much work we all have to get done, and to see all of what we considered “priorities” being thrown out the door for some new customer idea, or problem. Our whole idea of doing improvements to the core code that will accomodate “future” enhancements, is all but gone. Add in to all of that the fact that they actually let a developer go awhile ago, and to see how much work there is to do now. It just makes you wonder sometimes.

I actually volunteered last week or was it week before, to do some work at home. Well I did, and now that “project” has been assigned to me and it looks like, once I get some free time to do some final testing, will be able to release it and deploy it likely many many days ahead of schedule. Again, its just something to make our lives in development easier, but it should rectify some problems we experienced recently. Though, thinking about it, I’m not sure if donig this work at home was the right thing to do. It sets peoples expectations, but I told them from the onset of me doing this, that nothing was to be expected from me. If something happens, good for me and the company, otherwise just schedule it. This is why my blogging has been sufferring as of late. I literally have no time.


2 Responses to “Traffic snarl”

  1. Bryan Henry Says:

    You were not the only person who had traffic problems. Aparently some fool decided to call the local radio station and say that the second bridge was closed as well due to a traffic accident. Imagine being on the way to work and hearing that. Caused a bunch of drivers to go around Bedford creating a lot of wasted time.
    Best of luck on your work projects. Something I found out in the past is that it’s rarly a good idea to volenteer for extra work. Everytime I did I ended up becomming a point of contact for the file and spent more time upgrading it then making new stuff.

    Bryan Henry

  2. dooohhead Says:

    Well I did catch the end of that statement on the radio and I was considering turning around and going home, but I figured I’d already travelled as far as I did and it would have been longer for me to go back home then, than it would to sit through the traffic and contionue on to work. So thats what I did. It ended up taking me only an extra half-an-hour to get there, so it wasn’t all that bad.

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