Sorry, two in one day…

Sorry, I go from not posting for days to wanting to write more than one in one day. I came across this news article on the terror suspects they arrested in Toronto recently and their day in court. The article alleges that one of them wanted to goto Ottawa and chop off the PM's head. That sounds a little extreme but I mean who really doesn't feel that way about Stephen Harper? LOL So, anyways I was reading the article and it got me thinking…I know, I know, there's my first problem…ya ya ya. This quote: "…including storming Parliament, blowing up some of the buildings and taking politicians hostage to demand the withdrawal of Canadian troops in Afghanistan. …" got me wondering…if things are so bad in Afghanistan as such a statement implies and suggests, why isn't this guy in Afghanistan helping to make things better instead of thinking that the problem is with the country-men of the troops from countries that are suppossedly trying to help? Mine must be a really simplistic view of the entire situation. Sorry about that too.


2 Responses to “Sorry, two in one day…”

  1. HG Says:

    Ya’ know… I had to smile at your assessment… Good point, they can go there and fix the problem!!!!!

  2. Phil McCracken Says:

    It’s that same brilliant thinking that got 3 planes hijacked on 9/11.

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