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I’ve been rather uninspired as of late, as far as wanting to write a blog entry. I have been too busy here at work. Most days by the time I get in here the day is well under way as far as work goes. I go from sitting here having nothing to do, to having so much to do I don’t even have time to think about it, and its only going to be getting worse. I laugh at a friend of mine who is in a job position with another company that expects him to work crazy crazy hours. He puts in a whole day of work, until about 6 or 7 in the evening. He goes home, plays with his kids for a few hours and then puts them to bed, then works some more until about 1 or 2 in the morning. I try to distract him from constantly being this way. I try to get him to go out for a game of pool, or sometimes lunch, coffee even sometimes, but he is on a slightly different schedule. By the time he’s just gettin’ in to work, I’ve already had a coffee (or two). So, I laugh at him most times because he allows this to happen to himself. Dooooh! I just realized that I am no different, but wait a minute, it is. While he is at work, thats all he is allowed to be doing. We here, at least have access to the internet and IM and can stop work at just about any time for a bit of a break and chat with someone, or do a bit of surfing just to break up the monotony a bit. I tried to IM him the other day and got a nasty reply from his company that he is NOT allowed to have IM software on his work computer. His company actually intercepted the IM! I was a little surprised, but again laughed about it.

I can’t beleive I did this, but I have so much work coming at me in the next little while, aside from the two new customers that I’ll be doing work for over the summer, that I asked for, and recieved a laptop that isn’t in use anymore, to take home to do some work on it. It just made sense for me to do this, as most evenings I’m just sitting in front of the tv anyways. If I can do something that will help me out in the long run great, but here’s where I see the way I am at my work comparing more and more with my friends. Though for me, this work if more voluntary than expected. I told my boss that I wanted to do this but that she shouldn’t expect anything from me regarding it. If I get stuff done, good for me, otherwise put it on the schedule and I’ll get to it. So far she has seemed accomodating. I had the laptop at home over this past weekend. I didn’t open it once. Last night I did though. I put in a few hours worth of work. I have to come up with some standards and conventions by which everyone will have to follow when they have to write database patches for our system. So not only do I have to come up with these standards, I have to document them along with documenting all of the existing SQL Server stored procedures that I have written for use in our patches as well as revamp how our patches are run and come up with a new mechanism for keeping track of these patches. Its actually quite alot of work and I may have it scheduled for me to do outright, instead of it just being on the backburner waiting to be done. I’m in the middle of another important piece of work that again involves what I need to do when we get new customers, so there is a bit of a panic involved in that as we have just gotten two new customers. My summer is going to be very very busy.


One day, a wife goes up to her husband and asks for twenty dollars to buy meat. “Are you crazy?” says the husband, who pulls her over to a mirror. “Let me show you something? This twenty-dollar bill is mine. The one in the mirror is yours. Get it?” The wife nods. The next day, the husband returns home to find a freezer full of meat. Angry, he asks his wife about it. She pulls him over to the mirror and lifts up her skirt. “See the one in the mirror? That’s yours. This one is the butcher’s.”


2 Responses to “Ho-hum”

  1. Phil McCracken Says:

    I can relate about the work schedule. I just got told by IT that they are planning a hardware upgrade to the ol’ mainframe this weekend and they want me to come in Sunday to test it for an “undetermined amount of time”.


  2. dooohhead Says:

    Phil, I sometimes wish for those ol’ days once again, when I worked in a computer room around such mainframes…Aaaaah the air conditioning…and I didn’t have the responsibilities that I do nowadays. Doooh!

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