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I received this similar email from two people today, one of them being my sister and it just blows my mind how things like this gets started. Here is how I responded:

Its bullshit!

Anything that asks you to forward a damn email to someone/anyone else to “prove” your worthiness is a load of crap and there is no way Microsoft is going to function this way. I mean, come on people, do you really like spam in your email inbox? This is it, and following such instructions only propagates it more and more.

If Microsoft were going to do this, then there would be industry newspapers spewing articles about it and believe me stuff like that would get picked up by the normal news sources of the world, and you would hear about it. There has been no such news worthy items released.

And if you don’t believe me on this, forward this to 25 people from your contacts list and when you are done, there will be, some special Florida property (oh no, NOT swamp land) appear in your name, at the local registrars office that you can then sell and make a huge profit from…really…trust me!


—–Original Message—–
From: [my sister and a friend]
Sent: June 2, 2006 9:18 AM
To: [A whole shit-load of people]
Subject: FW: well wouldn’t that just suck!

>Well Wouldn’t that just SUCK!
> >>Sorry to break the news, but looks like all of those warnings were real!
> >>The use
> >>of msn and mail will cost money from summer 2006. If you send this
> >>to 18
> >>different people from your list you little msn icon will become blue
> >>and that will mean it is free for you. If you don’t believe me go on
> >> and see it yourself. Don’t forward this message, copy
> >>paste it so people will actually read it
>Don’t just Search. Find! Try MSN Search: Fast. Clear. Easy.

2 Responses to “Latest bullshit”

  1. HG Says:

    OMG… I hate those things!! I can’t stand forwarded emails… I refuse to open that junk!! It bugs me to no end!!!!! I loved your response!

  2. TheCatWhisperer Says:

    OMG some people are just A: gullible, or B: stupid. How can they possible belive this? I get the same shit, and no matter how many times I write them back and warn them it is BS, they still do it.. I actually had to result to threatening to add anyone who sent such crap to me to a banned list. that stopped most of them, the rest got banned 😉 at least for a while…

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