Doooh’s Picture of the Day:
I went down into the bowels of my basement last night to attempt to setup our printer on the Ubuntu Linux machine that I have. My wife uses it quite alot as I installed a mahjong and a sudoku game on it and she goes down and plays them on it while she has her morning cup of tea. So, anyways, I logged her user account out and logged in mine. I went to the instructions that I was to follow and began. The first step was to create a folder to put all of the downloaded files into. Okay, I did that but when I went to rename it, none of the keys on the keyboard worked. The mouse was moving around just fine. So I simply turned off the computer, then restarted it. When the power came back on, I could hear one of the hard disks in it making a clicking sound. Then I noticed it was taking a long time to detect the IDE hard disks. I let it do its thing, which took a little longer than normal then I attempted to start Ubuntu. I have Ubuntu installed onto the second drive in the machine. It really didn’t matter, although it used to be a dual-boot machine with Mandrake on the other volume. I could still hear the clicking noise. It looked like everything was going to be fine, but when it tried to load Ubuntu it did nothing for a little while then came back and said it couldn’t find the drive. DAMN!

I turned it off again, hoping that it was somehow “stuck”. I left it for awhile then tried it again. Nothing but clicking. Ok I figured. I’ll just install Ubuntu onto the other disk in the machine, but to ensure I didn’t accidentally write over the existing partition, I opened up the computer and pulled the power plug on the second drive. This wasn’t all I should’ve done. I hooked everything back up and proceeded to install Ubuntu onto the other drive. I booted off the install CD then let Ubuntu do its thing. It formatted the drive and proceeded to copy files. Eventually it said it needed to restart, so I thought great, its almost half done. When I restarted it this time, the hard disk again, wasn’t recognized and wouldn’t boot. That was last night. I gave up and went upstairs.

This evening, I’ve taken it apart again, completely disconnected both the IO cable and the power cable from the malfunctioning disk drive and viola, it started as expected, which means I am now half done re-installing Ubuntu! DOOOH! So while I’m sitting here typing this, its off doing its thing, setting everything up and configuring all of the software. Hopefully, like the last time, everything will be recognized then I can spend the next little while finding and locating those games for my wife. Maybe some time soon, I can attempt to setup that damn printer!


In a nursing home, one of the old women was running up and down the hall, flipping her nightgown up and down and yelling “Supersex! Supersex!”

An old man was sitting in a wheelchair outside his room. The woman ran up to him, pulled her nightie up: “Supersex! Supersex!”

He looked at her for a moment contemplating and then said, “I think I’ll have the soup.”


2 Responses to “Ubuntu…”

  1. HG Says:

    I LOVE lilacs!!! Mine are in bloom right now too… They smell so darn wonderful. I wish there was a way to have them bloom throughout the entire summer! Great pic!!

  2. dooohhead Says:

    Thanks HG. We have some of the lilacs in the house, and after a week they still smell great.

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