My day yesterday

Doooh’s picture of the day
Here is a summary of my day yesterday and beleive me when I say I’m not too impressed by it:
Woke up as usual at 06:00 and off to work by 07:00. Got to work at 08:00. Worked all morning. Ate lunch at my desk while continuing to work. 17:00 As I was walking out the door, was told that there was work expected of me to be done by tomorrow. Drove for an hour to get home. Warmed up my own dinner, ate that. Changed into my grubby clothes, went outside and fired up the tractor and cut the grass. Got back in the house around 20:45, went down to the computer, logged into my work computer and worked for a few hours completing my work. Talked to my mother on the phone for awhile, where she promptly gave me shit for working so much. As I sat down to watch some TV with my wife, she got up and went to bed because it was 23:00. I barely got to talk to her at all! I’m sure she’s pissed off with me. I was frickin wired still from being pissed off with crap I was working on at work and ended up staying up until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. That was 02:30 this morning. Of course this morning I got up as usual at 06:00. This will be a multiple-coffee day!


One day a man came home from work earlier than usual and caught his wife in bed with his best friend.
Enraged, the husband grabbed a gun and shot his friend to death.
His wife said, “Ya’ know, if you go on like this, you’re going to lose ALL your friends.”

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One Response to “My day yesterday”

  1. LOTGK Says:

    I’ve seen some of those days Dooh. My wife understands my work schedule, been at it 27 years now. It still sucks though sometimes.

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