Night out

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Had a bit of a boys night out last night. A friend was visiting, who nows lives in Alberta. His wife is pregnant and her family was throwing her a baby shower, which my wife attended. So us boys, along with another friend got together for a night of pool and beer and apparently donairs.

The first thing I did when I got to the pool hall was to get a jug o’ beer. Shorftly thereafter another jug appeared. That lead into two (small) orders of chicken wings and deep fried cheese sticks, which all went down nicely with the beer. We were all feeling pretty good. The pool activity deteriated and eventually got a little out of hand. The balls were ending up on the floor more than they were ending up in the pockets, so we decided that it was time to quite before they kicked us out. That lead to the time-honoured Halifax tradition of going to “Pizza-corner” for a night-cap of some juicy “spit-back-at-ya” donairs. Mmmmm! Damn did they ever hit the spot!

JOKE OF THE DAY:(Thanks to the brother in law for this one)

Top Ten Old West Phrases That Will Never Sound The Same After That
Damned Gay Cowboy Movie

1. “I’m gonna pump you fulla lead!”

2. “Give me a stiff one, barkeep!”

3. “Don’t fret—I’ve been in tight spots before.”

4. “Howdy, pardner.”

5. You stay here while I sneak around from behind.”

6. Two words: “Saddle Sore.”

7. “Hold it right there! Now, move your hand, reeeal slow-like.”

8. “Let’s mount up!”

9. “Nice spread ya got there!”

10. “Ride’em cowboy!”


2 Responses to “Night out”

  1. LOTGK Says:

    Ok, whats a Donair?

  2. dooohhead Says:

    I think in some places they’re called “Gyros”.
    Its meat carved from this huge slabe of meat thats on a verticle spit, and put onto a pita bread with its “special sauce” and sometimes onions and chopped tomatoes.Check out this link: King of Donairs, there is an image of one part way down the page…

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