Nice Weekend

Apple blossoms out in the field
It was an incredible weekend here. The sun was out and it was actually warm enough to be outside without a coat or heavy sweater. The grass was in dire need of cutting, so I would out trying to get the tractor started on Saturday. It was happy. I put the battery back in it (I take it out for the winter) and as expected I had to jump start it. Of course I checked the level of the oil first, then cranked it. For some reason the spark plug wasn’t working and the gas that was flowing into the engine simply spewed out the exhaust pipe. I adjusted the plug and checked all of the electrical connections and tried it again. It turned over successfully so I let it run for a few minutes. I jumped on and drove it up and down the road for a bit then all of a sudden smoke started billowing out of it like it was on fire or something. I thought the crankcase somehow got damaged and oil was leaking into the combustion chamber so I turned it off. I left it for awhile and went inside. When I came back out to try it again, it wouldn’t crank. The starter didn’t seem to be working. It was around this time that my wanted to go out so I just left it.

The next day I went back out to see if there was something I could do to get the tractor working. When I cranked it to start it, nothing happened. I took the cover off of the starter and there is a little gear attached to a spring that flies out and engages the gearing attached to the engine. It appeared to be stuck, so I unstuck it and tried cranking it again and it worked. The engine fired up and there was a bit of smoke coming out of it, but while I let it warm up it went away and seemed to run smoothly once again. I hopped on and proceeded to cut the lawn.

Seeing the lawn in such a condition that it needs to be cut and feeling like I’m unable to cut it (like when I thought I had done something to the tractor and that it might be broken) is like fingernails on the chalk board to me. I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to cutting the grass, but when I can’t cut it, when it needs it, just kills me.

So here I am out cutting the grass when I get a phone call from a friend who is here visiting for the week (he lives in Edmonton). My son comes out and flags me down, so I go into the house and leave the tractor running, because if I shut it off I will have to jump start it again to get it going. I’m on the phone for just a few minutes, get back out there and I start cutting the field adjacent to the house. I’m about the furthest point away from my house when it decided to run out of gas. SHIT! So I run and get the gas can and fill it up, and hope that the battery has sufficiently recharged itself enough for me to restart it. I go to crank it and I had enough juice for one good crank but it wasn’t enough. I ended up having to push the tractor up the hill to the car and boost it once again. What a pain in the ass. Good thing the tractor isn’t all that heavy, but still it was brutal to have to do. The hill that I was on when it ran out of gas, doesn’t seem all that steep, but when you have to push that tractor up it, it sure as hell is pretty steep.


A guy goes into a bar. He orders a beer, and after a while he needs to go to the toilet. Because he is afriad someone will drink his beer, he puts a small note on it that says: “I spit in this beer, do not drink!”.
After a few minutes he returns, and there is another note on the beer, saying “So did I!”.

2 Responses to “Nice Weekend”

  1. a guy from Says:

    great photo dude.

  2. LOTGK Says:

    No text on this one doooh…..

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