Kicked ass!

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Friday was a fun day here at work. It was short notice but we were all waiting for it to happen. We’ve been working hard here in development and things are finally starting to pay off. We’ve just hit a major milestone in development history. We’ve improved the product as well as the quality of the product and the development process. We’ve improved our delivery system and we have happy customers. So, to show us how much the company appreciates all of our hard work, they paid for us to have an afternoon off.

It started at lunch time. We went to our now quickly becoming favorite place to go for lunch, The Henry House. We had our typical lunch time fare of burgers and fries and of course beer. We also got to see photos from one of the guys who just got back from South Africa visiting one of our customers. Him and the other guy that went with him had a chance to do a bit of sight-seeing. They got some awesome pictures. So the company picked up the tab for that, then we all packed into my car and another guys car and we headed off to the local bowling alley for the rest of the afternoon.

There are two types of bowling that you can do at the alley we went to. Candle-stick bowling and the regular 10-pin. Candle-stick bowling has ten pins but they’re tall and skinny and you use the typical 5-pin bowling ball (the small one). We got two lanes for the nine of us. 4 People went to do the candle-stick bowling and the rest of us did 10-pin. Of course the jugs of beer were flowing…I almost got one cup full during that entire time, but thats ok, I was keeping score because no one else knew how to keep score plus I was driving, do its just as well. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. After one game, the candle-stick bowlers decided that the 10-pin bowling looked fun, so they switched over and joined us doing 10-pin.

I played my typical games. We used to play in Toronto every friday evening. I never got to be as good as my brother in law whom I beleive still plays to this day. My first game I shot 135. Apparently it was my warm-up game. I had a few strikes and one or two spares. The second game is where I finally got my shit together. I had only one open frame and that was because everyone else was getting rowdy and drunk and I got distracted by the Cat-boy who had a good buzz going. I could have seriously had a perfect game if it hadn’t been for that one frame. I ended up with a 178. I think I scored that right. I had that one open frame (I think I got 6) and two (or three) spares, the rest were strikes. That had to be the best game I have had in over 20 years, not that I bowl a whole bunch or anything anymore, but it was good. I kicked ASS!


“I’ve been making a lot of Freudian slips lately,” a man says casually to his friend.

“Like what?” asks his buddy.

“Well, last week I asked the train conductor for two pickets to Tittsburgh.”

“I did something similar the other day,” says the friend. “My wife and I were having breakfast, and instead of saying, ‘Honey, please pass the butter,’ I said, ‘You bitch, you ruined my life!’”

4 Responses to “Kicked ass!”

  1. Izaak Says:

    You did kick ass…

    Maby next time you should give yourself a handycap like the rest of us

  2. Phil McCracken Says:

    Yeah, I think I’d like to see your score with 3 or 4 beers in you.

  3. HG Says:

    Yup yup… I love to go bowling… (omg omg omg… I accidentally typed ‘blowing’…what is wrong with me????)!!!!

  4. TheCatWhisperer Says:

    I sowwy John, I did not mean to make you miss your perfect game, … I actually think I did better with the buzz on.. that and the “raspberry” ball… IT WAS NOT PINK!! 😉

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