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Ben the Budgie

As I have mentioned in a few of my posts lately, we have been looking to purchase a new car. One of the cars we test drove, had in it, a CD player/radio that also had XM satelite radio built in. The dealership cars have some way to preview such services and for a few minutes I thought how neat it might be to get it in our new car. I then thought that if we were going to pay for that, that we might also consider getting a home unit so that I can hook it up to our stereo. Then it hit me, and I realized why I would not let it happen. Our satelite TV (StarChoice rules, btw) has a bunch of music channels as well as a bunch of radio channels. I usually listen to the music channels, and they are very similar to what was offerred on this XM radio. So it got me thinking about my hour long drive into work and how I would/could be listening to commcerial free music then it hit me. One of the radio channels I listen to on my way in is a music-free channel, so called “talk radio”. I listen to it to get traffic reports which I find very useful. I go across one of two bridges and this traffic report determines which one I take. So thinking about this got me to thinking about this XM radio. What friggin good is it? Most of the time when you are driving somewhere, having or listening to local news/traffic/weather reports is usually what you want to hear. You don’t want to listen to some jackass in New York (unless you live there of course), or at least I don’t, so I’m not going to get it just to listen to Howard Stern. And if listening to a parfticular genre of music actually appealing to me all of the time, then I would create my own mix of music on CD and be listening to that all of the time. The truth is I don’t. I like to hear local content. Ya, sometimes its annoying to hear 2 or 3 minutes of commercials instead of hearing the latest traffic reports and because of that, you’re now sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, but for me I can handle it. Sometimes I just don’t give a shit about the news or traffic reports, and its on those days that I would just want to lsiten to some music. Ya it might be nice to have the XM radio, but like I said, it would be just as easy to pop in a CD and listen to that on those days. Its cheaper.

So having thought about the delivery of the XM Radio, it occurred to me that all content, whether it be on radio or TV or wherever, its all more or less the same. Its the delivery systems involved with each that is just different. Now you can get a phone system that works over the internet using VoIP, and of course the internet is delivered to many of us over what previously delivered cable to our house. Again, internet also can come to us over what previously was the sole domain of the the telephone and soon the internet may be available to us by the power lines that supplies us with electricity. We can also get movies, TV, and radio over the internet. Its all the same.


A madam decides to retire & get married. Her main requirement in a husband is that he be a virgin. She meets an Australian whom she is convinced is a virgin & marries him.

On their honeymoon she says “I’m going to the bathroom & get ready. You get things ready out here.”

When she comes out of the bathroom, he has pushed all the furniture out in the hall.

“Why did you do that?” she asked.

“Well love, I figured if women were anything like kangaroos we’d need all the room we can get”…


2 Responses to “Stand & deliver”

  1. neener-beener Says:

    catching myself up on dooohness.
    giggled to pieces at your childhood pieces. very glee-inducing. i love the vest. and the smirk.
    yay doooh.

  2. ben (not the budgie) Says:

    Doooh did you name your budgie after me???

    I am touched, and you know I like to be touched!

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