Final days

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Good bye my old friend, its been nice…

Its almost time to return the truck, the lease is over in June. My wife has been out looking to see what kind of vehicles she likes. It doesn’t really matter to me, although in a way its her turn to pick out a vehicle. I picked out the truck. She, WE have been looking at the Cobalts, then she noticed the Pursuits and liked them a little better. The dealership gave us one to bring home for the evening as an extended test drive. The pursuit was nice. Not overly fancy, but nice. Then yesterday my wife got a call from the person from whom we have the lease on the truck with, and she suggested we take a look at a Saturn Ion. Well, after some scrambling around late yesterday afternoon, I left work and drove over to the dealership and picked up a new Saturn Ion for an overnight test drive. Outwardly both the Ion and the Pursuit are almost identical. Then you get inside and differences start to rear their ugly head. The Ion, must obviously be made by Toyota, as it has one of those dashboards where the guages are physically located in the middle of the dash instead of in front of the steering wheel. I’m sure you can get used to it, and that there are some advantages to its location, but when you compare that with something you’re familiar with, as in the Pursuit, then its just ugly and wrong. Some of the other internal designs of things just wasn’t as nice as the Pursuit. The design of the stereo, the entire rest of the dash was just strange. According to the specs of the two vehicles, the Pursuit has 5 hp more than the Ion. Big friggin deal, like we’ll ever notice that difference. One of the things I did notice was that the Pursuit had 15″ wheels and the Ion only 14″, now normally the wouldn’t really matter to me, but I noticed that the Pursuit handled better in tight quick cornering compared to the Ion. The Ion tended to lean more in the corners whereas the Pursuit didn’t seem to as much.

So last night after we had taken the Ion out for a drive, we got a call from the guy who was trying to sell us the Pursuit. My wife mentioned to him that we were also looking at the Ion. Well he mentioned he wanted to sweeten our deal, so he said he would go and talk to his boss (the famous salesman pitch) and call us back. The Pursuit was about $20 per month more expensive. So about 20 minutes later he called back and matched the cost of the Ion, which considering all of the other stuff my wife had already worked out with him for the Pursuit, turns out to be a better deal than the Ion. So, today might be an interesting day if the Ion lady is willing to deal as well. Sounds like they are both really interested in making us a deal. It must be because its close to the end of the month. We technically don’t have to return the truck until June, but both involve returning the truck ASAP. It doesn’t matter to us. The longer we have the truck, the more mileage we will end up putting on it, which will cost us more to return it. I’d love to get these two different sales people into a bidding war for our business, but its unlikely to happen as the Pursuit is a little nicer than the Ion, but then again, if the deal is sweet enough…who knows.

We are seriously considering getting this G5 Pursuit…this model, this colour.


Three boys were walking home from school one day. All of a sudden, they saw a naked lady sunbathing so of course, they stopped to look. Then, right out of the blue, one of the kids takes off running.

The next day, they see the same lady, and again, the same kid takes off running.

On the third day they stop to see the lady, and she is still there. But this time, before the kid can run away, his two friends grab him by the arm, and they ask him: “What’s the matter, don’t you like looking at naked women?”

And the kid replies, “Yeah, but my mommy told me that if I look at a naked woman too long, I’ll turn to stone; and I felt something getting hard.”


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