I found one

I’m trying to go for walks whenever possible, and when I do, I will be taking my camera with me. Last night after dinner I decided to go for a walk even though it was overcast and looking like it was going to rain at any minute. Instead of walking in the farmers field behind my house, I decided to take a walk along the highway so I couldn’t/didn’t want to take either of the dogs with me for fear fo them getting hit by a car. I walked along the highway until I came to the huge gypsum mine thats only about a kilometer away from where I live. I’m told its one of the largest, if not THE largest in Canada.

The gypsum mine processing area

Just befoe I got to where I could see the mine I heard some splashing around on the other side of the road (from the mine). I crossed over and discovered a pond hidden from the road, and in this pond were three ducks. Two males and one female. The two males were obviously fighting over the female. I struggled to get through the thick underbrush to get to the pond and by the time I did, one of the male ducks decided it wasn’t worth it and flew away. I manuevered to get a good shot of the ducks but just as I got into a good position they also flew away.

I continued my walk then eventually I turned around and headed home, so now I was walking on the opposite side of the road. I observed an area that seemed to be rather worn and thought that there may be a path that went off somewhere into the woods. I started to follow it, and it was pretty rough going. I almost slipped and fell a few times. I then came across a small plastic container with a bright red cover on it. It was clear and had some words written on it saying it was an “official geocache”. I opened the container and noticed inside was some papers, some papers in a plastic baggy and a few other little trinkets. It was starting to get cool out so I just grabbed this thing and brought it home with me.

GeoCache GCT20W – “Over your right shoulder…”

On the card that had the lettering that described what this thing was, was an internet website, so I checked it out. The URL was http://www.geocaching.com/ and it was an insight into a whole other world for people with GPS units. Apparently this is a world wide thing, where people with GPS units create and locate these “GeoCache’s”. Its kind of like a scavenger hunt but using GPS. You try to find these things while out travelling, or whatever. When you find one, inside of them is a little book. You indicate when you found it and leave your login name and sometimes people leave other things in them and you can swap items in and out. According to the website if you find certain items in them, you are suppossed to take them and transfer them to other GeoCache’s thus causing that item to make it, potentially, around the world. Every time you locate one of these cache’s, you login on the websiet and indicate again, when and where you found it and if you took anything out of it and if you put anything in it. I signed up on the website even though I don’t have a GPS unit, located this particular cache on the site using some of the other users’ names that were left in the log book and left a log entry of my discovery and notice to everyone that I have taken it home. I posted a few of the pictures that I had taken while out on my walk. I wrote a log entry in the log book, now all I have to do is put it back. It all sounds kind of interesting. I may have to look into getting a GPS unit to participate more. Who knows, we’ll see.


At a dinner party, several of the guests were arguing whether men or women were more trustworthy. “No woman”, said one man, scornfully, “can keep a secret”.

I dont know about that, answered a blonde woman guest. I have kept my age a secret since I was twenty-one.

You’ll let it out some day, the man insisted.

I hardly think so responded the blonde lady. When a woman has kept a secret for twenty-seven years, she can keep it for forever.


2 Responses to “I found one”

  1. Jestjuggle Says:

    Hey cool that you found one without even knowing it was there. We sometimes have trouble finding one even with our GPS and hints. Geocaching is great fun and good exercise. We suggest that you buy a GPS and go for it!

  2. Matt Says:

    ha ha that’s so funny that you found one without a GPS unit. That geocaching thing sounds like a lot of fun, you should give it a try!

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