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Accosting dog.

My wife and I were having an interesting conversation in the car yesterday on our way to pick up our son from his girlfriends place. We were talking about how our tastes in food differ from each other. It was one of those conversations that the authors of those “Women are from Venus, men are from Mars” books would have loved to use as a illustration of the differences between men and women. As was expected my wifes tastes in food was very exact and precise. She knows exactly what she likes and how she likes it, and any deviation from what she knows, she likely won’t like. She cited an example where her Mother who is famous for her fudge recently deviated from her normal recipe of using peanut butter to using that new chocolate peanut butter. She said she tried it but since it wasn’t what she was used to, and what she really liked, which was her mothers’ typical fudge, she didn’t enjoy it. I never had a chance to try it, but I’m not all that big on fudge so for me it would have been something different, not necessarily something I wouldn’t have liked immediately just because it was not the same as normal. And there lies the difference between most men and most women. Women seem to know exactly what they like or don’t like and men (perhaps just me) just see something like this as something different, not necessarily something not the same as expected.

My wife thinks that I’m not as discerning as I should be when it comes to food. I argue that I won’t eat anything, per se, but like anyone, I’ll eat things that aren’t necessarily the best for me, but that I do enjoy. Its a concious decision that I do actually make, to have a salad instead of greasey french fries, sometimes, but not always or a nice slab of fish steak instead of a nice juicy beef steak. Lately I have been enjoying having food that I normally don’t have. If we go out to a restaurant, I’ll have something that we otherwise won’t have at home and surprisingly my wife is the same way. I guess its our different ways of looking at that, at least to me is indicative of our differences. She is more discerning about her food and will not have something at a restaruant just because she knows she likes something done (by herself) at home a certain way and know that the restaruant will not be able to keep up with her own high standards. Me on the other hand will like to try that same food knowing that it will be different. Not to judge it to what I’m familiar with but to enjoy the same food, done differently.


A woman was Chatting with her next-door neighbor. “I feel really good today. I started out this morning with an act of unselfish generosity. I gave a hundred dollar bill to a bum”.

“You gave a bum a hundred dollars? That’s a lot of money to just give away. What did your husband say about it?”

“Oh, he thought it was the proper thing to do. He said, ‘Thanks'”.


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