Going down the line

I’ve been taking alot of pictures lately, but I am so enjoying the results. I am concerned now that I am going to fill up my picture repository too quickly, so I am going to try to limit what I post to one or maybe two pictures at a time.

Doooh’s Picture Of the Day:

Is it just me, or should this spike actually be IN the ground?

Tonight was my son’s Taekwon-do night, so instead of going in and watching him for an hour, I decided to take a walk around the area where he does his taekwon-do, with camera in hand of course. The building was an elementary school but is now a community centre as well there is a small business operating out of it. I ventured off around the back of the school, beyond what might be considered the school yard.

I discovered a path leading into the woods. I have been very pleased with the macro-camera shots that I’ve been taking so I’ve been taking lots of examples of various trees, branches whatever. When you get in close to things you discover how interesting and beautiful they really are. I took a shot of some kind of moss on a tree branch. I then came across what literally looked like dog shit hanging all over this tree. It must have been diseased or something, I don’t know what it was but I got an interesting close up shot of it. I continued on my walk but had to take a pee break. I glanced around, no one was around, I was in the woods.

The path went down a small hill which then led out onto a 4-wheeler path. I could hear the highway close by but I couldn’t get near it as there was a swampy area between me and it. I stuck to the 4-wheeler trail. I got a few interesting shots of some funny looking hanging seeds on a tree. When I reviewed the pictures, the colours on them were just amazing. I’ll try to post some of these over the next few days. The path led down behind some houses, which I didn’t know even existed. I was accosted by a dog. I think I scared him, so he barked at me for awhile. I took a pic of him. When he came near me I thought he might be a pit-bull and became a little concerned, but he wasn’t. He just wanted to bark at me, so I let him, and continued on. The path took me to the back of someone’s property. The house was huge, as well there was a huge garage/barn that I had to walk past, then I continued down their driveway onto the gravel road. Thats when I met up with the train tracks. I crossed a nearby road then traveled on a small side-road alongside the train tracks. I was walking past a telephone pole and as I went by I happened to look up at the cross member that goes across the top of the pole. I got an amazing shot of the top of this pole looking up at it, with the moon in the early evening bright-blue sky. I’ve set that picture to be my Windows desktop image here at home. I just can’t beleive I took that picture. I’ll be sure to post it.

As I continued on the road alongside of the train tracks I scared up a few pheasants in the field beside me. I wasn’t quick enough to catch a shot of them, but they were very beautiful to see. I greeted a few people who were out for a walk themselves, then I climbed up the little grade to the train tracks and walked along them for awhile. I stopped to capture the image above, and again I’m just amazed at how well it turned out. I kept an eye (and both ears) open for any trains coming, none did though. I got an interesting shot of the backside of a grave yard. The church on one side and all of the tombstones scattered all up the side of a small hill. It was a bit away from me, but the picture turned out nice.

By this time the sun had gone down behind the trees and I was getting cold, so I headed back to the school. Looking at all of these pictures just blows me away. I want to post them all in all of their fullsize glory, but my picture repository just can’t handle them. I will try to resize them a bit so they’re fit for posting and I will try to show them all to you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I am enjoying taking them.


2 Responses to “Going down the line”

  1. Matt Says:


    nice picture of the railroad spike, it looks great!


  2. Mer Says:

    Matt was telling me about your new camera. It sounds like a good one :). You should sign up with fotki (yay) or flickr (boo) so you don’t have to worry about lack of space for you photos (although flickr limits the amount you can upload monthly, fotki does not).
    Get a photo sharing site so we your readers can see what your taking pictures of.

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