Out for a walk

It was a nice evening tonight so after dinner I took Rollie out for a walk and took my camera along with me. Did I ever tell you that I love our new camera?

This picture doesn’t need any explanation. I was fooling with the close up abilities of the camera.

I’m a little disappointed that I have to reduce the quality (and size) of the picture just so I can post them. The location where I store my pictures has a pretty small capacity. Putting up around 3-4 full-sized pictures that come directly ouf of the camera is all it can accomodate. I load them up in a photo editing program and er-save them to what it describes as “best for the web”. It takes a 1.8Mb file and reduces it to about 88k.

This picture shows the road and the adjoining field and some of the landscape.

What side of a tree does the fungi grow on? The East? The West? I came across this stump that had this huge fungus growing on it. It was just off the road, through some thick brush. You can tell the sun was starting to go down.

Fungi on a stump.

When the sun starts to go down, it is still early in the season yet, that it gets cold quickly. When I left the house I felt like I was over dressed, but by the time I was on my way home I was feeling like I should have had a hat and gloves on.

This is a shot of the barn thats adjacent to the field next to our property. Its up a hill, I thought it was an interesting shot with the sun going down behind the tree, the cows and the barn.

Just as I was almost back home, I noticed off in the field a white talied deer standing there watching me. I got a few long range, zoomed-in shots but after downloading them from the camera, they are rather crappy and blurry. As I contued to snap shots of it, it ran off away from me. I breached a rise in the ground only to see it and 4 or 5 other deers leaping over a barbed-wire fence into the woods. I wish I’d had a camera with a bigger zoom lense in it at that second.

Sorry for the quality of these last three pictures. They must have been over 500 yards away and as good as I think my camera is, its just not that good. At least the pictures demonstrate proof that I’m not just telling you a lie about seeing the deer.


A young man wanted to get his beautiful blonde wife, Susie, something nice for their first wedding anniversary. So he decided to buy her a cell phone. He showed her the phone and explained to her all of its features. Susie was excited to receive the gift and simply adored her new phone. The next day Susie went shopping. Her phone rang and, to her astonishment, it was her husband on the other end. “Hi Susie,” he said, “how do you like your new phone?” Susie replied, “I just love it! It’s so small and your voice is clear as a bell, but there’s one thing I don’t understand though…” . “What’s that, sweetie?” asked her husband. “How did you know I was at Wal-Mart?”


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