Like I said before, I was playing the roving reporter at the Junos. I went for a walk at lunch to see who might be around that I recognize and hopefully take their pictures, but alas, I didn’t see anyone famous, so we took a little stroll down by the water front. It was an absolute beautiful day. The following picture is of a coworker who was scared that I was going to Photoshop up her picture. Of course I said I wouldn’t, but in the end she really did want me to, but I haven’t yet. I will. I will.

This pic is of some more fellow coworkers. Obviously they are hamming it up for the camera.

This last picture is what happens when I leave my desk. Aww, aren’t they cute? Ya know guys, the problem with taking pictures of people with my camera when I’m not there is that unless you delete the pictures, I still have them…mwuha hahahahahaha…and i’m not afraid to use ’em too! LOL

And yes if you were wondering, that is Theodore Tugboat in the bachground of two of those pictuers. He, as you should know, lives in “The Gereat Big Harbour” (of Halifax).


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