Da Bomb!

So, while all this fun and frivolity were going on yesterday (see the previous post) we had a bomb dropped on us. We got notified late yesterday afternoon that the CEO wanted to meet with everyone in the board room. When we got there we were all surprised to see a coworker who lives down in California, there, and no one knew he was even here that day. We all greeted him as if nothing was wrong, then once the meeting started we realised there were several people missing from the meeting. We thought, or rather I just thought they were busy with their work and thought nothing more of it. Then we were told that those people that were missing were layed off. There wasn’t a developer there whose jaw wasn’t hanging open in shock. They let the entire Sales team go, as well as a student who has been on a work term with us, when its over, she won’t be hired back AND the biggest shock of all, one fellow developer was let go too! For the longest time, in development, we have been under the impression that there weren’t enough developers to accomplish the necessary work as it was, and here they let one of “us” go. I’m still a little in shock over it. They told us why it all had to happen, and I understand it all, its just difficult to lose someone whom you’ve worked with for several years. Good luck everyone, I hope everything works out ok for ya. If any of you need any kind of references by anyone here, just let me know.

I’m going to leave this today with a few shots of the Juno concert that went on yesterday. As I was leaving work, I walked through the concert area and snapped a few shots. The band that was playing at the time was The Trews.


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