Getting into work was delayed today as I had to get one of the wheels on the car replaced. Last week while coming home from our last marriage course, I hit a pot hole that bent the rim. The tire was still somehow sealed against it so it was still driveable but we tried not to take it out anywhere at least until we got it fixed. The problem is that we made this horrific discovery that the lease on the truck is due in June and that we are already over the allotted mileage. So, the night we (I) hit the pothole, we were discussing me taking the car to work instead of the truck until we have to give it back. I’m okay with that but of course my wife says that I hit the pothole on purpose so that I wouldn’t have to take the car. Thats not true of course, regardless, I didn’t drive it this past Monday because a friend at work asked if I could pick up some fitness equipment for him and take it to his house. I brought it on tuesday and called and made arrangements to get a new wheel and have it installed. I was told by the garage that I had called that they have a wheel but at a different store, but that they could get it sent over. She then said that she would call me when it was there and I could drop by and have it put on. She never called and by the time I distracted myself long enough to look up and see what time it was, the garage was almost closed. I called and made arrangements to bring it in this morning on my way into work. So I did. The wheel was there when I got there, and there had been other people cancel their appointments with them, so my car got taken in right away. They warned me that my hubcap “may” not fit back onto this new rim. If I had to choose from having a hubcap on or off or have to drive around on a damaged rim or spend $130 on one from the dealership, I chose to take a chance, and I wasn’t disappointed. The new rim, with the same tire put back onto it, plus the hubcap all got installed and balanced without any problems. When you consider what I would have had to pay if I had gotten the rim from the dealership, I got off pretty well by only paying $80 installed.

While I was at the garage, I asked for an estimate on how much it would cost to replace the two struts at the back of the car (parts of the rear suspension). Each strut costs over $100, so two of them, plus about two hours of labour (about $100) plus a complete wheel alignment and taxes of course I’m looking at about $550! DAMN! I sometimes wish I had my own garage with a lift in it, then I would/could do things like this on my own. Going outside and rolling around in the gravel driveway just isn’t any fun anymore. Oh I used to do that kind of stuff. I’ve rebuilt an engine in my driveway over a weekend once, but that was when I was younger. Now I just don’t like crawling around in the dirt anymore.


Back in the time of the Samurai there was a powerful emperor. This emperor needed a new head Samurai so he sent out a message to one and all that he was searching for one. A year passes and only 3 people show up, a Japanese Samurai, a Chinese Samurai and a Jewish Samurai.

The emperor asks the Japanese Samurai to come in and demonstrate why he should be head Samurai. The Japanese Samurai opens a match box and out>pops a little fly. Whoosh goes his sword and the fly drops dead on the ground in 2 pieces.

The emperor says, “That is very impressive!”

The emperor then asks the Chinese Samurai to come in and demonstrate. The Chinese Samurai opens a match box and out pops a fly. Whoosh whoosh. The fly drops dead on the ground in 4 pieces. “That is really impressive.”

The emperor then has the Jewish Samurai demonstrate why he should be the head Samurai. The Jewish Samurai thinks, if it works for the other two, why not try. Whoooooooossshhh. A gust of wind fills the room, but the fly is still alive and buzzing around.

The emperor says in disappointment, “why is the fly not dead?” The Jewish Samurai replies, “If you look closely, the fly has been circumcised!”


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