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According to some crack-head survey done by an online job lookup site (, Canadians are beginning to shun office life for a more balanced personal life. This is reported by this Globe & Mail article today. What Does that mean? Does that mean we’re getting lazy and just don’t want to work anymore? Maybe. Does that mean that the longer work hours we actually do work has gotten us to realize that maybe theres something more important than our work lives? Hell ya thats more likely! People seem to be working more and more, and employers seem to be pushing them to work more and more. This is just a natural reaction to figuring out that they have indeed been pushed uncontrollably to work extra hours than they otherwise normally would. This attitude, which in the short term is good for the company as it gets things done quicker is actually counter-productive because people then start to realize that their home-life is suffering as a result and they get it in their heads that its time to rebel. And how are they going to rebel? They’re going to look for a different job in the hopes that such attitudes don’t exists there or they just quit and figure out something else to do on their own. In other words, bad for the company.

How could a company attempt to minimize such a thing from happening, while still trying to maintain their “work requirements and expectations” of their employees? Well there are several things that could be done, to make the employee not feel this way. Of course any kind of perk is going to make them feel happy all of the time. Perhaps allowing them to work from home the odd-time. Or financial bonus’, or travel compensation, usually in the form of financial disbursments, etc. Free coffee, or better yet free beer! ok, maybe not that last one, but it could still be good!


A mother was walking down the hall when she heard a humming sound coming from her daughters bedroom. When she opened the door she found her daughter naked on the bed with a vibrator.

“What are you doing?” She exclaimed.

The daughter replied, “I’m 35 and still living at home with my parents and this is the closest I’ll ever get to a husband.”

Later that week, the father was in the kitchen and heard a humming sound coming from the basement. When he went downstairs, he found his daughter naked on a sofa with her vibrator.

“What are you doing?” He exclaimed.

The daughter replied, “I’m 35 and still living at home with my parents and this is the closest I’ll ever get to a husband.”

A couple of days later the mother heard the humming sound again, this time coming from the den. Upon entering the room, she found her husband watching television with the vibrator buzzing away beside him.

“What are you doing” She asked.

He replied, “Watching the game with my son-in-law.”

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  1. Sethalos Says:

    Heya Doohead ma man.

    Well like you, i’ve been searching for a new blog home, I miss my blogging addiction. I tried the MySpaces thing, but because it’s tied to my MSN, and alot of folks from work are on there, lol…I don’t want them reading it.

    I’ve decided to move once again to .

    Drop by and say hi, I plan on keeping it up more now. I was reticent about blogging my warped mind through Spaces ever since ModBlog went to hell.

    Keep up the great posts man, you give me hope that it’s not me that’s insane, it’s them.


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