To sup or not to sup, that is the question

The cullinary delight that was dinner tonight was a mastery of “attempting” to use as little cooking utensils as possible. See when the wife is away and you don’t have an automatic dish washer, you try not to dirty too many things as you will (eventually) have to wash them. So, the treat chosen for tonight was frozen hot dogs, frozen perogies and last but not least, frozen peas. I got one of the biggest pots that we have, filled it with water, splashed in a bit of salt, then once boiling dropped in the frozen perogies and after awhile the frozen hot dogs.
Now I was thinking that I could cook the entire meal in the same pot as my wife had purchased those Green Giant pre-packaged frozen veggies. I used one the other night. They come frozen in a plastic pouch that is microwave safe, but I figured I could just drop that in the water along with the wieners and perogies, but alas all we had left were veggies that my son doesn’t like so I was forced to cook the frozen peas seperately, in the microwave. We have a veggie steamer for the microwave, I used that. Then of course with perogies, once you have boiled them, I discovered, you have to fry them up, usually with some onions. So I fried those up while the hot dogs continued to boil away in the pot and the peas in the microwave.
So I’ve now dirtied a pot, a frying pan and the veggie steamer, and here I was thinking that I could do it all in the one pot of boiling water. My son was all upset because we didn’t have any sour cream for the perogies, I suggested he try some salsa (mild) but he wasn’t into that. I asked if he was going to use some sliced bread to make actual “hot dogs” out of the wieners (as we didn’t have any real hot dog buns) but he didn’t want that.
It took longer than I had anticipated to cook this concopheny of delight. Anything that takes longer than 10 minutes after getting home from working all day, is too long. It took me roughly about an hour to get this delicacy on the table, or rather onto the plates. He then of course took his plate to the basement so that he could watch some videos on the computer while eating and I took mine into the living room and sat and listened to nice 80’s music I had playing on the CD player. Talk about “kickin’ it old school”! “Ice-ice-baby” by Vanilla Ice! Geez I could barely sit still to eat! I wanted to throw on my roller skates and go nuts!



There were three men in a bar. All three were sitting at the bar stool and one got up to use the bathroom. The other two men started talking. One man said, “So what’s new in your life?”

The other responded, “Well I just found out my son got a promotion. He used to be a janitor at the bank and now he is an executive. On top of that there’s someone special in his life. He just bought his new love a brand new Lexus.”

The other man says, “My son also got a promotion and he has decided to settle down. He bought his new love a new house on the beach.”

The third man comes back from the bathroom. He looked kind of upset so the other two men asked what’s eating him. He responded, “I just found out that my son is gay. The good part is his lover bought him a brand new Lexus and a new house on the beach.”


2 Responses to “To sup or not to sup, that is the question”

  1. Heidi Says:

    If you put on the skates and boogie down… I want to see pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. dooohhead Says:

    I don’t think the world is ready to see pictures of me doing that (anymore)!!!

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