Movie Revues

I totally suck at giving movie reviews.  I’m not as critical about them as one needs to be to do a good job of revuing them.  I typically more or less like all movies I goto.  Unless they really really blow do I ever have anything nasty to say about it.  There’s been a few movies where my wife and I have sat through and by the end we look at each other say, “that really sucked”.  My son was really interested in seeing the movie “Annapolis” and  since my wife isn’t around, we thought it might be a good one to see because its the type of movie she might not be interested in seeing.  Its about a recruit at the Annopolis naval academy and the things he has to struggle with in life in addition to his military life at the academy.  Its the typical macho-guy type of situation where everything anyone of them does has to be proven and in competing fashion with everyone else there.  Its got all of the expected practical jokes between people who like and dislike each other, and the same old “you fail and your whole team fails” type of stuff.  The whole movie is a lead up to a big boxing match between the main character and his superior officer with whom there was conflict with throughout the entire movie.  As you can imagine, you know who wins.  It was expected.  It was inevetible, it was kinda boring in the end.  If you’re into those kinds of movies, its ok.  There’s no suspense, there’s no great high drama or action just a thorough gritty display of what they would like everyone to think is the way it is going to be going to such a school.  Of course, who am I to suggest that it isn’t a true-life protrail of the place.  I’ve never been to such a school, nor is there anything like that here in Canada, as far as I know.

Onto another movie.  Whenever my wife isn’t around, my son and I like to watch the dumbest, cheeseyest, stuipidest movies just so we can say we saw them.  Well, last night while we were out doing our laundry (we goto a laudromat to conserve our well water) we decided to rent a movie, one that we knew for sure my wife would never want to see.  We picked out, and rented “Team America”.  What is there to say about this movie. Its dumb, its crazy shit, its stuipid, yet my son and I were laughing our guts out at the stupidity of it all.  It was typical “South Park Stuff”.  Offending everything and evryone as much as possible and take all of the stuipidness that could be imagined and put it in.  Unfortuneately its the low-brow humour that we enjoy, just for the stupidness of it.  I really appreciated the work involved in creating all of the models and sets that they used.  They were pretty detailed and in most cases pretty accurate in their portrayal of whom-ever, or where ever.  I would never recommend it to anyone, yet I enjoyed it.


One day a Pirate and a bartender were talking to each other in a bar. The Bartender asked the pirate “Where did ya get that peg leg from?”

The Pirate responded “We were sailing the seas when a big ol’ shark came up to me while I was swimmin’ and bit off me leg.”

Later the Bartender asked “Where did you get that hook then?”

The pirate responded “Well, me crew and I were in a battle and it got cut through the bone.”

The bartender then asked “Then where did ya get the eye patch from?”

The pirate said “In a harbor I looked at a gull flying over head and it took a dump right in me eye.”

The bartender was puzzled and asked the pirate, “How would that make you get an eye patch?”

The pirate responded, “First day with the hook.”


2 Responses to “Movie Revues”

  1. Phil McCracken Says:

    I just about pissed my pants everytime the puppet of Kim Il Jong came on. The ridiculous accent had me in stitches.

    Oh, and the puppet sex scene…that was pretty good too.

  2. Heidi Says:

    Thanks for the head’s up on Anapolis. I haven’t seen it yet… and… I think I may give it a miss now.

    Have an awesome weekend, Doooh!!!!

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