Helloooo…reality check

You know you’re getting old when you start hearing about people you’ve grown up with starting to have health related problems and almost ending up dead!  That happened to me yesterday in all of my “working from home splendor”.  A guy from the old neighbourhood where I grew up, in Toronto had a frickin heart attack and almost died!  Whats disconcerting about that is that he is my age and likely in alot better shape than I am.  Back in that time, I was always the chunkier of the kids in the area, and this particular guy was the smallest of all of us, but as we got into our teens, he was the one playing serious hockey and in general being alot more physically active and thus more fit than any of us (except of course when I went through my tennis playing years).  I guess his downfall may be that he started smoking at some time along the way, whereas I of course never started.  His younger sister, who is still friends with my younger sister told me about all of this.  We are in contact with each other through IM.  She said her family is known for having cholesterol related problems.  HELLLOO, I’m taking pills to combat that myself!!!  Maybe I should be concerned??

I was thinking about a statement a coworkers said to my yesterday.  I was describing to him about how I had been out shovelling snow.  He asked my why I didn’t have a snow blower to do all of that for me.  Of course its one of those luxuries that we simply can’t afford, but I question the need for it anyways.  There’s only a few days during the winter where it would be nice to own one, but most of the time here in Nova Scotia, the winters aren’t that bad and if they ever are, the hell with, just roll over and go back to bed.  So last night as I was outside finishing off the shovelling that I had to do, I was thinking about that question of why I didn’t have a snowblower and the whole situation about my friend having a heart attack.  Maybe its not such a bad thing that I don’t have a snow blower.  Maybe the fact that I am capable of, and willing to get out there and shovel is whats keeping me going?  I mean from not having a heart attack myself.  I know I’m not perfect but there’s alot about me, compared to others who are alot worse off physically than I.  I guess after writing about my neighbour and how bad off she is, I’ve been thinking alot about myself and my situation and realising that its not all that bad in alot of ways.  People tend to over-do their doom and gloom.  I’d rather waste my time on other more constructive things.

A couple made a deal that whoever died first, they would come back and inform the other of the after life. The woman’s biggest fear was there was no heaven.

After a long life the husband was the first to go and true to his word he made contact.

Mary… Mary…

Is that you Fred?

Yes, I have come back like we agreed.

What is it like?

Well, I get up in the morning, I have sex, I have breakfast, I have sex, I bathe in the sun, then I have sex-twice, I have lunch, then sex pretty much all afternoon-supper-then sex till late at night, sleep then start all over again.

Oh Fred you surely must be in heaven.

Hell no, I’m a rabbit in Kansas.

3 Responses to “Helloooo…reality check”

  1. neenington Says:

    first of all…the new camera DOES take awesome pics…and that blizzard was intense looking. second of all, been too long since i got a helping of the doooh 🙂

  2. Heidi Says:

    Doooh… You be careful!!!! A few days ago we had several inches of heavy, wet snow…and the radio dudes were calling it “heart attack snow”. I always worry about people out shoveling!!!!!!!!

    You’re right though…*L* We did seem to be on the same wavelength!!

  3. Doooh Head » “New Bat-time, new Bat-channel” Says:

    […] Yesterday after dinner, I finally went out and did some shovelling of the snow from that storm that we had the other day. It wasn’t as bad as they forecasted but it was still enough to warrant it needing to be shovelled. After an hour of shovelling snow, I had been asked by that neighbour friend that I mentioned previously, to take her out to get some heating oil for her house. Well my back was already tired from all that shovelling, which by the way, I did all by myself, then I had to lift 4 of those 5 gallon gas cans in and out of the truck, then lift them to pour the oil into the tank. After doing those 4 gas cans, she asks if I can take her for another 4 can fulls. I guess she had enough money to fill 4 again, so off we went. By the time I got home my back was very sore, so I took some pills and soon went off to bed. It seemed alright this morning. I was thinking I may have to work at home once again, due to my sore back of course but decided that I really couldn’t do that. That same neighbour also relies on me to take her to meet up with her other ride that takes her into school, so I already made her miss one day this week, it wouldn’t be fair to make her miss another. […]

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