I just took this photo this morning.  I opened my front door and snapped it with our new camera:

Flickr Photo

I am blown away by the quality of the pictures that this new camera takes, I think they are awesome!

In any case because of the weather conditions as shown by this pic, I didn’t even try to go into work today.  We now have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for work, so now I can connect, through the internet to my computer at work, which is still safely hidden behind our firewall and work as if I am sitting at my computer.  In a way its bad because now its almost expected that everyone CAN work from home if they have to, so it means there are no more sick days, in a way.  I just happen to have stuff to do today so I’ll actually be working, otherwise I’d be at home taking it easy and doing lots of shovelling.  And no I didn’t mean shit!


A woman takes a lover home during the day  while her husband is at work.
Her 9-year old son comes home unexpectedly, sees them and  hides in the bedroom closet to watch.
The woman’s husband also comes home. She puts her lover in  the closet, not realizing that the little boy is in there  already.
The little boy says,  “Dark in here.”
The man says,  “Yes, it is.”
Boy – “I have a  baseball.”
Man – “That’s  nice.”
Boy – “Want to buy  it?”
Man –  “No,  thanks.”
Boy – “My dad’s  outside.”
Man – “OK, how  much?”
Boy –  “$250”
In the next few  weeks, it happens again that the boy and the lover are in the closet  together.
Boy – “Dark in  here.”
Man – “Yes, it  is.”
Boy – “I have a baseball glove.”  The lover, remembering the  last  time, asks the boy,  “How much?”
Boy – “$750”
Man – “Sold.”
A few days later, the father says to the boy, “Grab your  glove, let’s go outside and have a game of catch.
The boy says, “I can’t, I sold my baseball and my  glove.”
The father asks, “How  much did you sell them for?”
Boy -“$1,000.”
The father says, “That’s terrible to overcharge your  friends like that..that is way more than those two things cost. I’m going to  take you to church and make you confess.”
They go to the church and the father makes the little boy  sit in the confession booth and he closes the  door.
The boy says, “Dark in  here.”
The priest says, “Don’t  start that shit again, you’re in my closet  now”.

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One Response to “Blizzard”

  1. Phil McCracken Says:

    Man, you guys got dumped on by that storm. It stayed out to see so it missed me here in New Hampshire, just a bit of freezing rain last night is all we got.

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