Last night was damn windy here!  I didn’t hear any reports mentioning the dreaded “H” word (hurricane) but I swear the roof was coming off last night.  As my wife and I were running into the house at around 10:00, the sky was amazingly bright and clear, so much so that when I looked towards our roof, I could see the outline of the roof against the clear sky and I could literally see that there were roof shingles that were pointing skyward.  That tells me that if there are some that are not quite ripped out, but bent upwards, there must be many have completely taken flight and flew the coup.  This is a fairly new roof god-dammit!  We had it replaced, well half of it anyways, the half that is having difficulties now btw, when we last did have a hurricane roll through here, so that was only a few years ago.  I think we need to call the insurance company and tell them that their contractors did a lousy job and that they need to get them back out here to fix it.  I’ve already been up on the roof trying to patch problems with it, and I shouldn’t have to.  I’m not a DAMN roofer!

Shortly after my wife and I got together, while we were talking about having more kids, etc, the idea that it wouldn’t have been all that long away, the sooner we started, that they would be grown up and moved out.  Over the years though you don’t think about it anymore because you’re too caught up in it all.  Well, my daughter has moved out and my son is (just about) 17 going on 23, so it seems, all of a sudden that not only are we most of the way through that proverbial tunnel, but now we’re standing at the other end looking out and asking, well now that we’re done that, what do WE do now?  Recently we’ve had a rekindling of our relationship of sorts and I’m starting to think of all of the things that we might actually now be able to do that we weren’t able to do before when the kids were around.  My wife has always wanted to do some travelling to warm exotic places and even taking a cruise, but we’ve never been able to even think about doing anything like that.  Maybe the prospect of doing stuff like that may not be too far away for us.  I would like nothing better than to be able to take my wife on a cruise to some place warm like the Bahamas, or Jamaica, or some other similarly warm place.  Hmmm, maybe we actually will some day!  One can only dream!


A couple had been married for many years, and their son had gotten old enough to date. One day the boy brought a girl over to dinner. The mother was thrilled with her son’s choice and couldn’t wait for the wedding. However, the father was upset and, eventually, the boy asked, “Dad, why don’t you seem happy with her. Mom likes her a lot.?

The father explained, “No son, there’s nothing wrong with the girl. It’s just that I cheated on your mother a long time ago, and the girl you’ve been dating is my daughter by that woman.?

So the boy dumped her and found himself another girl. Again, he brought her home to the mother’s delight, but the father again told him this girl was actually his half-sister. The boy lost his temper and told his mother what his father had said.

Furious, the mother shouted, “Don’t listen to him, sweetheart! He isn’t even your father!?


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