What it is, kid

Ya, sorry I had to steal that title from ZZ-Top but it seemed to make sense for what I wanted to write about, which is my life as it has become, apparently.  In my previous incarnation I used to come into work and surf the latest headlines after checking my all important company email as well as browse everyone’s latest blog entries.  Not any more!  Lately, but not this week, I have changed my routine to something which affords me no spare time to do any of that.  I come into work and we go off to the gym.  We’re there maybe an hour, which personally isn’t enough time for me, but I am still trying to get back into the routine of going there regularly, so simply going there is a good thing.  I get back to work anywhere from 09:00 to 09:45 which is around the time where us developers have our morning “stand up meeting”.  By the time thats done its 10:00.  I used to come into work for 08:00, check my email and do my blog stuff and be well on my way to working productively well before 10:00, but not anymore.

Lately its been:  Come into work for 08:00, no going for coffee anymore because we started to go to the gym, so I have been drinking instant coffee here at my desk.  Instant is fine for me, I really don’t “like” coffee anyways.  Then I start right into work, and its out of necessity, I am almost overwhelmed with work and stuff that I have to be involved with on a daily basis.  The main crux of my current work is to create something to replace what I do for customers.  I’m replacing myself with software that I’m writing!!  I’m not sure yet if thats a good thing or not.  I know it sounds like I’m writing myself out of a job, but I’m not really because we have so much other work that I could be doing.  Making this one aspect of what I’m responsible for easy and simple to do is a good thing, for me, but that means that my time is freed up (suppossedly) to do other stuff.  I then end up working all day, taking no breaks and rarely do I ever eat lunch away from my desk.  Last night when I finally got home I felt so exhausted that all I wanted to do was to goto bed.  I didn’t of course as I wanted to spend a bit of time with my wife before I actually did goto bed.

And, as you can see, I have a hard time keeping a clear and concise train of thought going.  I am constantly being interrupted, either by people, Instant Messaging, email or even odd things happening with the work that I am trying to accomplish that hasn’t got anything to do with MY stuff per se, but which I have to deal with.

WHOLY CRAP, its 15:00!  Damn the day has gone by in a flash.  I started writing this around 09:00 this morning…


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