Out in 10

I have ten minutes to come up with something for this blog entry.  I have been so busy lately and today we ahve a special ALL-DAY meeting, that is mandatory for everyone, so, since the traffic was hell this morning, compared to last week even, I have even less time to do an entry than ever before.  You are going to have to excuse the spelling mistakes.  I won’t have time to go back and correct them.

We had a nice weekend.  We went and saw the movie “Fun with Dick and Jane” with Jim Carrey and Tia Leonie or however the hell you spell their names.  It was pretty funny.

BTW, I wasn’t able to get my full ten minutes to get this out.  I got interrupted, then my all day meeting began, so here I am finishing this on the lunch break.  I was hoping to get something out in 10 minutes, but it didn’t happen.

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