Whats been going on?

Whats been going on you ask, with me, since I last posted something?  Not too much really…or is it too much?  I don’t know anymore.  Of course during this absent posting time, Christmas has come and gone and the new year is upon us.  Christmas, was, as usual, quiet for us.  Since we don’t have any family living nearby there wasn’t alot of running from place to place visiting them.  As usual hardly anyone came over to our house to visit us, one of my wifes friends, thats about it.  We invited lots of people over for Christmas dinner, but in the end they all found ways (some legitimate of course) to not come.  My wife loves to cook for groups of people, and she so enjoys cooking Christmas dinner and the more people there, the merrier.  At one point we thought there might be 8 or 9 people here, but it finally turned out to be the normal four of us.  The three of us in our family right now, and my wifes adopted “step father”.  He’s not really her step father, but a really close aquaintance.  He once dated the MIL from Hell, which is where or rather how we met him.  She has since moved on, but we still remain close to him.  He comes over for Christmas dinner every year.

The presents this year was fairly tame compared to other years.  Money is fairly tight right now as my wife isn’t worknig, plus we’ve had to put out alot of money for my sons trip to Europe in the spring.  I always seem to get something nice from my wife.  I’d like to beleive she feels the same way, but I’m never sure.  For some strange reason, ever since my mother told me that I had better learn to type because I couldn’t write worth a shit, I enjoy having nice writing tools, pens and pencils.  Oh  I still can’t write worth a shit, but I love nice pens, and thats one of the gifts my wife got me this year.  I can’t wait to take them to work and use them.  I also got lots of nice clothes, several nice leather gloves and of course I got a leather coat.  We all did, a few weeks before Christmas. 

One of the things that I have enjoyed immensly these last weeks has been spending time with my wife and not having to worry about work, although I have been staying up to date on the office political-crap that seems to have started up recently due to “Swelled Head Syndrome” in one of my co-workers.  I’m a little disgusted by it all so I don’t know what I’m going to do about it yet.  Getting back to my wife, yes I have so enjoyed spending time doing things with her.  We haven’t been doing alot of stuff necessarily, but whatever we have been doing, we have been doing it together and I am really enjoying it.

New years eve is kind of a sad day as it is the anniversary of my fathers death.  I called my Mother to see how she was doing and she said, so far she was ok and would be ok as long as no one came over and wanted her to do anything.    She likes to spend New Years doing nothing.  She says she never really liked New Years party’s as the people at them always seems fake and now with my father death on that day she would prefer to do nothing even more.  I can’t blame her, I kinda feel the same way.  We never do anything great and fancy for New Years.  We bought a bottle of champagne to toast with and we got some nice snacking food to have, sausage rools, and small ordourves, and a shrimp ring, etc.  My son ended up inviting a few friends over so they joined us.  We game them all a bit of champagne.  Now, on to resolutions:  My number one resolution is that I don’t do resolutions.  Why bother to make a big deal about doing something you know you’re only going to stop doing at some point and then feel bad about later?  I make mental notes of things I might like to change in myself and strive to do it, but I don’t make a big deal about it.  I do that several times a year, not necessarily just at New Years.


This nun walked into a liquor store. She walked up to the cashier and said,
“Could you give me a bottle of whiskey?”
The man replied, “Sister, I can’t, I really . . .”

“Please, I need it,” the Nun interrupted.
“But Sister, I just…” The Cashier was again interrupted.
“Really, It’s all right. It’s for medical purposes.”
“Medical purposes?” The Cashier asked.
“Oh… Well, I guess so. Here, take it for free, I just couldn’t charge any
money.” The Cashier handed her a bottle of whiskey. She walked off with the
About four hours later, the cashier was locking up. And lo-behold, as he was
walking to his car, there the nun was, on the other side of the street,
weaving and swerving from side to side, singing a song. The cashier called
out to her, “Sister, you told me it was for medical purposes!”
The nun replied, “It is. You see, the Mother Superior is constipated, and when
she sees me like this, she’s gonna shit!”


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