Getting set up

Hey everyone, its been a few days since I’ve been able to blog here.  It was my last week of work before vacation time and I had alot of shyte to accomplish.  I sort of did, but now I don’t care.  Now I am on vacation until next year!  I’m going to try to continue to write here at home while I’m off work.  I had to get my “Flock” all set up and going on my home computer so that I could get and input all of the correct settings as needed.  This is my first entry from home using Flock.

I was able to get it, and get it all set up due to “VPN”.  It stands for Virtual Private Network, which means I can now connect to and log into my work computer, from home.  Yes, I can control my work computer from my home computer.  I like it!  Everything I do on it, is like I’m sitting in front of it, but I’m at home!  Since  all of my “Flock” and related configurations were at work, I simply connected to my work computer from home, and copied all of the necessary settings, you can even copy files, anything. This is all new and exciting for me, as this is a new addition to our work network that was just setup literally, on Friday.  This now means if I am snowed in during winter, I don’t have to break my back shovelling and then putting my life on the line trying to get to work.  I can just come down here with my coffee and log in to my work computer and start work as normal..  Oh I know I won’t be able to get dragged into unnecessary meetings, but I do have Msn and Google Talk, so if anyone needs to ask me anything, or even get me to do something for them on our network at work, I can do it, all from the comfort of my basement.  How sweet it that!

Well I’ll continue to me around, don’t forget about me!

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  1. Jer Says:

    Doooh, sounds like the first step on the road toward teleworking! I hated my office a couple of years ago, but I can safely say that now, I don’t think there’s much to choose between office or homeworking. The office is a big hassle, but it’s amazing how much work can take over your life as soon as you let it into your home. I do waaay more hours in a week than I used to in the office and I don’t get a cent more for it either. Of course, in your situation way out on the wild frontier I expect it’s a huge blessing on those icy winter mornings especially.

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