A Doooh poem?

Had a busy weekend.  Did lots of stuff. 
Feel like crap, didn’t sleep much. 
Going home early, feel real sick. 
Have to fix the roof, before the bad weather hits.


Three men, an Italian, a Frenchman, and a Jew, were condemned to be executed. Their captors told them that they had the right to have a final meal before the execution. They asked the Frenchman what he wanted.

“Give me the best French wine and French bread,” he requested.

So they gave it to him, he ate it, and then they executed him. Next it was the Italian’s turn.

“Give me a great big plate of pasta,” said the Italian.

So they brought it to him, he ate it, and then they executed him. Now it was the Jew’s turn.

“I want a big bowl of strawberries, ” said the Jew.

“Strawberries!!! They aren’t even in season!”

“No? OK, so I’ll wait…”


2 Responses to “A Doooh poem?”

  1. XTAP59 Says:

    I thought for sure with the word “hits” in there you would rhyme it with your favorite past time, boobie hunting……

    The blogger formerly known as LOTGK

  2. rap assassin Says:

    the doooh_head at work
    you don’t mess with this dude
    cuz he smack you right down
    if you give him any ‘tude

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