Blog late

Is it that time of the month or what? My blog is late…oh what am I to do? Here it is almost the end of my work day and I realised (with horror I might add) that I haven’t written a blog yet! WTF??!!
Flickr Photo

Remember this? Me neither. I dug it out of the ol’ photo-archives.


A woman passenger in a horse-drawn cab has offered the driver a large tip if he can deliver her to her destination in a hurry. However, she is horrified at the cruel whipping the driver is giving the horse to make him go faster.

“My good man, is there no other way you could urge the horse along?” she asks.

“Yessum,” the cab driver cheerfully replies, “but, I’ve got to save his balls for the hill!”

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One Response to “Blog late”

  1. XTAP59 Says:

    Alas, went to access modblog this morning, and the server is down again.
    Tis a shame.

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